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  • Writing Centers & Tutorials
    • This page contains links to university and college writing centers around the country and around the world. In them you will find useful advice and explanations about essay writing, thesis development, plagiarism, word usage, grammar points, and a number of other topics.
  • Grammar Guides
    • This page contains links to grammar reference resources. Some are comprehensive guides, some are better for quick reference, and others specialize in certain topics of grammar or the way in which it is presented.
  • Reading
    • On this page you will find links to reading materials and activities. The materials vary in terms of difficulty. Some are "simplified" for the ESL reader and some are authentic. A number of them are also accompanied with audio files, so you can read and listen at the same time.
  • Vocabulary, Idioms, & Phrases
    • This page has a number of important word lists that will help guide your vocabulary learning, plenty of exercises and activities with which you can practice and learn, and idiom pages that will help you better understand what native speakers are saying and which you can also incorporate into your own speech.
  • Pronunciation, Speaking, and Spelling
    • Here you will find links to websites where you can learn the International Phonetic Alphabet and the anatomy and articulation of English sounds. You can listen to people with different English accents, both within the US and around the world. There are even a couple links where you can learn more about and practice spelling.
  • Listening
    • On this page you'll find a number of websites that were designed specifically for ESL students. Many have activities for listening comprehension and many also have accompanying text, so you can read along. You'll also find a lot of websites with authentic listening opportunities, including some for academic listening. There are also a few podcasts that offer ESL lessons in audio format.
  • Miscellaneous ESL sites
    • These sites are dedicated to ESL students and contain various explanations, activities, and exercises for many of the different aspects and skills involved in learning English as a second language.
  • Dictionaries & other Reference Materials
    • You'll never guess what's on this page!
  • Publisher & Textbook companion sites
    • Publishers often create websites to go along with their textbooks in order to give students extra practice material. On this page you'll find links to companion websites for some of the books we use here at SMC, in addition to websites for many other textbooks.
  • Online Language Tools
    • Here you will find a number on online tools that can facilitate your learning:
      • Concordancers are tools that help you look up how words and phrases are used in context.
      • Text analyzers will give you interesting information and statistics about the writing you submit.
      • Readability calculators indicate how difficult a reading passage will be.
      • Virtual IPA keyboards to type your own IPA symbols
      • Other cool online and downloadable language tools

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