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  • Simply type in the word you are looking for in the window next to the button “look it up”
Audio pronunciation:
  • No
Sample sentences:
  • For some words
Ease of Use:
  • Intuitive
Important Subsites:
  • Cambridge International Dictionary of Idioms
    • Type in a keyword in this dictionary, and it will call up all of the idioms containing that word. You can also type in a complete idiom if you are searching for the meaning. The definitions also tell you whether the idiom is formal or informal, British or American, and most include sample sentences to demonstrate usage.
  • Activities
    • Clicking on this link will direct you to activities for verb patterns, idiomatic expressions, phrasal verbs, irregular verbs.
  • Cambridge
Description and evaluation/comments:
  • Unfortunately, this dictionary does not have audio pronunciation of the words, but if you click on the link that says “show phonetics” to the right of the word, it will show you the pronunciation with the IPA spelling. If you can’t read the phonetic alphabet, simply click on the hyperlinked phonetic text and it will link you to a page that explains the symbols.
  • There is also a Learner’s Dictionary available. You can select the Level appropriate for you. The learner's dictionary generally gives you the most basic and commonly used definition of a word.
  • Selecting the American English Dictionary will generally give you all of the definitions of a word, including more obscure or strictly literary definitions. You can try searching a particular word in more than one of the dictionaries.
  • You also switch between the dictionary of idioms, the learner's dictionary, the american English dictionary, etc. by selecting the drop down menu ("select another dictionary") under the search window.