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Important Subsites:
  • Little Oxford Dictionary of Quotations
    • This fun dictionary allows you to search famous quotations by subject or by a person’s name.
  • Word Games
    • These word games are not specifically designed for ESL students, but they can be fun ways to test your vocabulary know-how and to build your English lexicon. They are also separated by level of difficulty, so you can choose games according to your own ability.
  • Better Writing
    • This offers tips on improving your writing, with everything from spelling and grammar to online chat acronyms and etiquette.
  • Oxford University Press
Description and evaluation/comments
  • This dictionary presents definitions in clear, concise, and understandable English. It also includes formal definitions as well as more idiomatic or informal uses of words (when applicable).
  • This might be a good dictionary to consult if you are just looking for a quick definition that you can easily remember. If you need a more complete definition or would like a better sense of how to use the word, consult either the Cambridge or Oxford Advanced Learners Dictionary.
  • One fun feature of this dictionary is that it gives the origin of the words (the original language and root words it derives from).
  • On the upper right hand corner of the main page, you can set your preference either to UK view or US view to read the site in standard British English or American English respectively.