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  • Intuitive
Important Subsites:
  • Glossary Maker
    • This feature allows you to make your own mini dictionary by simply typing in a list of words you would like to include and selecting the data fields (i.e. pronunciation, definition, examples, etc.) that you would like included.
  • Quiz Builder
    • Make your own vocabulary quizzes with this feature.
  • Vocabulary
    • Build your vocabulary by studying the “words of the week” that Wordsmyth has selected to highlight.
  • Independent
Description and evaluation/comments:
  • The layout of this site is very clear, as it lists part of speech, pronunciation, definition, synonyms, similar words, etc. in a chart like format that is neat and easy to navigate.
  • If you are unsure of the exact spelling of the word you are looking for, it might be wise to broaden your search by either selecting “broad” or “spelled-like” under the search window. This will give you a greater number of results for the word you are searching (i.e. “cat” will turn up “cat” as well as “caterpillar” etc.)
  • Occasionally, if you search a word in the Children’s Dictionary (below the main dictionary), you can hear the audio pronunciations of the words, but this will require you logging in (free).