Concordancers and corpora

Text Analyzers
  • Text Analyzer | Textalyser | (more info)
  • Word Frequency Text Profiler | (more info)
  • Text Content Analysis Tool < | (more info) [login for advanced tool]
  • Word Analyzer < | Check a word's usage and grammar. Type in your own word or select from a number of wordlists. | (more info)
  • Machinese Syntax < Connexor | "A syntactic parser that returns base forms and compound structure, produces part-of-speech classes, inflectional tags, noun phrase markers and syntactic dependencies. Syntactic dependencies show functional relations between words and phrases in sentences."
  • Machinese Phrase Tagger < Connexor | "A text analyzer that returns base forms and compound structure, recognizes part-of-speech classes (noun, adjective, verb, pronoun etc.) and produces shallow noun phrase syntax, marking the chunks or the bracketing of the noun phrases."

Readability Calculators

Automatic Word Look Up


Text to Speech Synthesis
  • Text to Speech Demo < AT&T Labs | Type in a sentence (up to 300 characters) and choose the accent you want to hear it in.
  • VoiceText Online Demo < NeoSpeech | Type in a sentence and choose the accent you want to hear it in.
  • Text to Speech Demo < IBM Research | Type in a sentence (up to 30 words) and listen to it in a the simulated voice of a US news reporter.
  • Natural Reader | Here is one that you can download for use on your computer. | (more info)

IPA Symbols

Other Online Tools

Downloadable Tools
  • Audacity | sound recorder and editor
  • Step Voice | sound recorder
  • TELDA | Telephone Desk Assistant | A free, downloadable application that will give you on-screen prompts for making and taking phone calls.