• Sounds of English and the IPA < | This page gives the IPA symbols and a couple corresponding words (i.e., words that contain that sound). It also has audio files of the words being pronounced.
  • Wikipedia has some useful charts for learning pronunciation:
    • Pronunciation Guides for English | This chart shows the symbols of the IPA and their equivalents as found in many major dictionaries and other phonetic alphabets. No sound files.
    • IPA for English | This article and its charts show you which IPA symbols are associated with each sound in English. Read only. No audio files.
  • IPA Chart < York University | Full IPA chart with flash animation and sound files | (more info)
  • English Phonetic Alphabet < International Phonetic Alphabet Project < Cal Poly Pomona | Some of the symbols of the English Phonetic Alphabet are different than the IPA symbols | (more info)
  • Type your own IPA symbols
    • Type English IPA Symbols Online | Type English IPA symbols online and then cut and paste them to your document.
    • IPA Keyboard Online | Type IPA symbols online and then cut and paste them to your document. This site includes all IPA symbols, not just those for English.

ANATOMY and ARTICULATION of English Sounds


  • | A useful site for spelling practice. Made for teachers and students.

  • Basic Spelling Rules < Montgomery County Community College | Some rules for spelling in English and a few practice exercises too.
  • eSpindle | Personalized, interactive online spelling exercises that remember the words you have trouble with. You set the difficulty level and can even add your own word lists. | This is a pay-site with a free 10 day trial. | (Hint: After 10 days, sign up for another free trial)
  • English Spelling < Wikipedia | This informational article is difficult to read, but it has useful charts showing different spelling patterns. There are charts for sound-to-spelling correspondences and spelling-to-sound correspondences. No audio files.
  • English Spelling Tests | There's a test of difficult words to spell, one of commonly misspelled words, and one to determine what some of your own spelling difficulties are.
  • Spelling Mistakes made by ESL students | See the English spelling mistakes made by native speakers of Chinese, Greek, Japanese, Korean, and Spanish.
  • Guidelines for Learning to Spell & 6 Ways to Practice <


Pronouncing Names
  • VOA Pronunciation Guide < Voice of America | Listen to the pronunciation of the names you hear in the news. You can browse or search for names.